WELCOME to POWER UNIT 17, a literary services consultancy started by Richard Loranger in January, 2020.

I am offering a selection of professional services for writers, reading series, organizations, and folks in general at reasonable rates.



Take your first step in to the world of self-publishing with experienced guidance. I can help you to get your work out there and looking good, in a variety of formats. Click the blue service title and you’re on your way.


Ask me about my professional editing and proofreading services to up your word-game. Click the blue service title for more.


Want some help getting the word out about an event, or growing your audience for a reading or music series? Click here to learn how I can help.

For the moment, this service is limited to the San Francisco Bay Area.


If you need help finding a venue for an event or series, or want to learn how to book them yourself, give me a shout and we’ll see what we can do.

For the moment, this service is limited to the San Francisco Bay Area.


If you would like to learn how to better approach any aspect of spoken performance or public speaking, I’ve got forty years of experience to learn from. Click the blue service title to find out more.


Looking for someone to design a writing workshop for you or a group of your friends? Whether you want to raise your skills in creative writing, business writing, or anything else, you need look no further.


I worked with Richard Loranger in proofreading my first sci-fi novel. Not only was he very thorough, prompt, and professional, but he was knowledgeable and sensitive to the conventions of the genre. I would recommend his services highly to anyone working on a project who needs a responsive and thoughtful collaborator.

Anwar Morse – illustrator and author of Humans Are != Automatons


proofreading for a novel

Richard Loranger was indispensable in helping me to transform my seemingly ragtag pile of poems into a coherent and powerful manuscript that moves beyond what I felt might be possible, and yet is still true to my voice and vision. He took the time to deeply read each piece, sort and organize along themes and throughlines that took the collection to a new level. His insight helped me to see my own work through new eyes, and his meticulous line edits polished it up to send out into the world. My writing has been elevated thanks to Richard’s deep knowledge of language and poetry, his insight, and his heart-felt care and effort. I am beyond grateful.

Elisa Salasin – author of Honeysuckle and She Watches Wild Horses


consultation, editing, proofreading for a full-length poetry manuscript

As a poet, essayist, editor. a writing teacher, and an independent publisher, I am occasionally tempted to believe that my dedication to my own craft and care translates to editing and even copy-editing my own work. But decades of experience has shown me that every editor needs an editor. Writers need other writers.

Richard Loranger is a gentle and careful guide. Hiring Richard meant giving me the trust and confidence of a collaborator who was meticulous at the level of the word and the line, but also willing to place himself fully inside the meanings and intentions of the project. Richard’s comments were always clear, concise, and to the point, always benefiting what the book wanted to be.

Choosing a good editor for a creative writing project can be overwhelming and intimidating, but the rest of the work was neither of these things once I had Richard as a fellow traveler and friend of the finished product. Poets publishing a volume for the first time or wanting to tenderly vet a manuscript before submission for an award or external publication, you could not do better than hiring Richard Loranger to walk with you and read with you through the process.

Andrew William Smith – teacher, blogger, fanzine & chapbook publisher, and author of Broken Megaphones, Cardboard Amphibian, and Don’t Touch Your Face


editing for two poetry chapbooks

I wanted to put into book form a collection of poems by a friend who passed away. Richard Loranger brought my dream project vividly to life with his expert layout, formatting, and proofreading services The final product was astonishingly beautiful and fully ready, complete with instructions for the printer. His keen suggestions also saved me a ton in printing costs. Richard is the consummate professional: reliable, prompt, responsive, and practical. He made the publication journey easy and, frankly, joyful.

Thomas Lampinen – publisher of Paper Airplanes by Tracy Sims

proofreading, formatting, and layout for a full-length poetry manuscript