So why should you consider hiring me to help you with your literary stuff?

Because I’ve done a thing or two. Or two thousand.

Here’s a bit of what I get up to.

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Writing Experience

I’ve been writing with intent for over 40 years. That means hundreds and hundreds of pieces of poetry, prose, fiction, and genre-bending work. I like ‘em all, and I don’t have a total count.

Though publications aren’t everything, I do have some to show for my efforts, including six books and ten chapbooks

(click here to see and read about them),

and pieces in thirty-some anthologies and over 100 magazines and journals

(click here to see some of them from the last several years).

HERE you can check out my full list of PUBLICATIONS.

I’d be happy to chat about any of this work.

Just give a shout!



Book Design & Layout

I’ve had the good fortune to be able to design most of my own books, from cover to layout, along with a number of books for other writers. They’ve run from simple books of eight pages to bound books of over 200.

I’m especially familiar with putting together smaller books, or chapbooks as the poets call them, from choosing work to the finished product. What’s more, I love making them.

Click here to see a selection of the covers,
with brief descriptions of the contents

Ask me to hear more about the layouts.

If you decide to work with me, I have hundred of chapbooks and poetry books to look through for design ideas.




Argh, the fun part! Getting your writing down on paper is one skill, no matter what the genre, but getting it to the point that it works for others requires another toolbox altogether.

Ideally you should learn to edit your own work, but that’s often done from seeing what others see in it, then learning how to choose what you think is best. And sometimes a piece just doesn’t want to be edited.

I’ve done a LOT of editing over the last several decades, of all different sorts, and I’d be happy to help you with a stubborn piece, or to figure out your own best approach. In either case, I’d want it to be a learning experience.

You’ll see business, creative, and academic experience there.
Beyond that, I did eight years of in-the-trenches work as a teacher
of college-level writing, literature, and critical thinking.

Which leads me to:



Teaching Experience

I’ve designed quite a few classes and workshops over the years, of both lengthy and brief curricula. So if you’re looking for some writing instruction, creative or business-focused, I can work one-on-one or with groups of various sizes.

At last count, that's 10 courses (plus various versions) at 6 colleges, 26 workshops, and 12 guest lectures.

Click here to check out my college teaching experience and courses.

Click here for a list of workshops I’ve designed and conducted.

And here for guest lectures I’ve given to classes on various topics.




Readings and Performance

I’m pretty well known around the country for my spoken performance, with over 500 featured readings under my belt (that’s featured, not open mics), from intimate settings to a stadium with over 17,000, and a good deal of other performance and stage work to boot.

Click here to see a full list of my Featured Readings.

And here for Additional Performance Experience.

Reading your work in public is another way to share it with the world, and can lead to publication.

I know a great many techniques for both preparing and performing, and can help you take your readings to the next level , or just get past some good old-fashioned stage fright. I can also coach for public speaking in general, good stage form, and proper use of a microphone.



Arts Organization

I’ve been organizing, publicizing, and hosting literary and music events for decades.
I’ve founded and curated seven reading series, both poetry and mixed genre,
and have co-organized, coordinated, or guest curated several more.
I can help you to organize and publicize your event as well.

Click here to see a summary of my
arts organization experience.

Other capabilities such as emcee and stage manager are noted in my
full list of my Featured Readings.




And if that’s not enough…

you can click here to take a look through my current c.v.
curriculum vitae)
which summarizes much of what I’ve mentioned here,
and more,
with links to even more.

Or you can check out my creative website
at www.richardloranger.com.

(I also worked in restaurants for fifteen years,
was a bicycle courier for four.
and painted ski-lifts and stripes on streets.)


Basically, I’m endless.
And I avail my eternal energies to you.


~         ~         ~




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